The Wire

The Wire in 2013

Monday to Fridays 5.30am - 6.00am

Tuesday to Thursdays 1.00pm - 1.30pm

The Wire is a daily current affairs program broadcast on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia.

The Wire is available via the Community Radio Network satellite and the CAAMA Radio satellite to more than 160 stations in areas ranging from city to regional to remote Indigenous communities.

The Wire takes an independent approach to current issues, guided by our Editorial Policy. We offer critical coverage, which challenges all points of view, puts issues and events in context and always asks 'why'.

Our audience is as diverse as the community radio sector - reaching a unique range of communities across the country. Over 5 million people across Australia can tune into The Wire any weekday.

The Wire Current Affairs program is produced by a consortium of progressive community broadcasters shared between Sydney and Adelaide during the week and in Brisbane on Fridays.

For more information and contact information go to:

Twitter: @thewireradio



If you have a story or an issue in which you feel should be covered

by 'The Wire' team of jounalists contact the Brisbane Producer of 'The Wire' by email or phone.

 Brisbane Producer,

Bridget Backhaus


Phone: 0423 257 139


Qld Newsroom :  Fridays only
Ph:         (07) 3138 8152
Fax:        (07) 3138 8156


or you can contact the following Journalists connected with The Wire Program.


Bridget Backhaus
0423 257 139

Ruth Chalker
Peter Park
Ph 0448 464 819

Elly Bradfield
Ph: 0432 522 550

Sarah Shands
Ph 0411 063 880

Ellen Marie
Ph 0402 002 451

Carmen Juarez
Ph 0439 793 449

Karin Adam
Ph 0403791810

Rebecca George
Ph 0437 631 712

Camille Bianchi
Ph 0437 639 211
Paul Smeaton