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Get Active and support the Keep The Community In Your Radio campaign – and 4EB would love you to get involved! 

The Keep The Community In Your Radio campaign was launched in May after the Federal Budget failed to maintain funding for metropolitan community digital radio services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. This decision puts the 37 existing digital services at risk, and excluding community stations from digital broadcasting threatens the whole sector’s key role in Australian free-to-air broadcasting.

Would you be able to...

  • Sign and share the petition? It’s here:

  • If you use Twitter, tweeting at Communications Minister Mitch Fifield @SenatorFifield to share your community radio story and why you think we must #keepcommunityradio

This funding decision has long-term impacts of the future of community radio – in cities and in regional areas.
Without this funding, community radio gets left behind commercial stations and the ABC/SBS as listeners switch to digital radio receivers. In areas where digital broadcasting is currently available, around 25% of all listening is already through digital radio. As Australia’s digital radio footprint expands, this has potential impacts for listeners being able to find their favourite stations and programs at home, at work or in the car. 
We’re not asking for a lot of money – just to restore $1.4m per annum to keep these services on air. We’re calling on the Government to restore funding and commit to the inclusion of community radio services on digital platforms on a free-to-air basis.
Any support you can give is much appreciated!