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Fete de la Musique

Brisbane City Council is calling on local musicians to register for ‘Fete de la Musique’.

This event is held in more than 450 cities across the world each year, all on June the 21st.

Musicians, both amateur and professional, are being asked to sign up to perform in public spaces on the day.

Now in its seventh year in Brisbane, this free event provides a platform for all people who love making music, to entertain the public.

Registrations close on Monday, April the 21st.  

For information on how to register call Council’s Contact Centre on 3-4-0-3 double 8 double 8

or visit

More council information listed below. Click *here* to view it.

Dog off-leash areas

Are you looking for a local dog off-leash area?

Brisbane City Council provides more than 100 places for dogs to exercise and socialise in parks across Brisbane.

These dog off-leash areas include facilities such as water taps, dog waste bins, seating and some also have agility equipment.

To find one for your best furry friend, log on to and search for ‘dog off-leash areas’.

Cycling Brisbane 

Get on your bike this month with Cycling Brisbane, a new initiative designed to encourage more people to cycle by providing special incentives.

Cycling Brisbane card holders will receive benefits including discounted coffees, special offers on ‘learn to ride’ lessons and reduced prices on new bikes.

More people cycling in our city means less congestion on our roads and is also a great way to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

For more information or to join Cycling Brisbane, visit



I’m sure most of you will have noticed the brightly-painted traffic signal boxes around our city.

This is known as Council’s Artforce initiative.

Artforce provides residents of all ages and artistic backgrounds an opportunity to design and paint an artwork on a traffic signal box.

You can help decorate Brisbane's busy streets and be part of Brisbane's "drive-through gallery".

To nominate to have your design on a traffic signal box as part of this year-round project, register at



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