4EB Production & Recording Studio.

Radio 4EB has a fully equipped production studio and recording room available to handle all musical recordings in digital format. Nearly all sponsorships are recorded and produced inhouse in studio 4. Translations and assistance with advertising scripts can also be organised.


Studio 4 is fully air conditioned and sound proofed with an isolated control room and only uses top brand recording MICs and Pro Tools 8.


A full library of production music and sound affects is also available.


The recording room measures (approx. 6m x 9m)


Studio 4, equipment includes: Neumann, AKG and Shure microphones, Yamaha O1V mixing console, Pro Tools Digi 001, Sony Mini Disk Player, Tascam DA30 DAT player and Dynaudio BM6A monitors.

Our sound engineer is Niyi (pronounced Nee) Adepoyibi.

For Bookings contact the office of 4EB FM Monday to Friday during office hours.

Email: info@4eb.org.au or for bookings phone 3240 8600.