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It's our last show! :( Why? Where are you From? producer Ellie is going to her home country of South Korea for a year, so the program's on hiatus for a while. Natal and May are asking her all about it - keep an eye out for the podcast over the next few days!


Rapper, poet and speaker Omar Musa is releasing a new novel later this month.

Here Come the Dogs follows the lives of three friends from different ethnic backgrounds living in a small town in Australia.

This is Omar’s first fictional novel, following his two poetry books Parang and The Clocks.

Omar’s writing is drawn from his experiences in his own life: his Malaysian background, and the block of flats in the multicultural neighbourhood he grew up in, within his small hometown of Queanbeyan in regional Australia. 

He is an award-winning slam poet and has collaborated with hip hop artists around the world. You might have seen him perform Slam Poetry from the Streets at TED Talks Sydney, where he received a standing ovation from the audience.


Omar chatted to us about writing Here Come the Dogs, the culture of a small town and the changing, multicultural face of Australian poetry.

Here Come the Dogs will be officially released on July 23 with launches in cities all around Australia, featuring performances, author talks and book signings.

More details about the launches at the Penguin Books website.

Natal talked to Samson Joseph, manager of the African Fashion Show, and two other fashion designers, Sarah Jackson and Gracy Orla Ticout. 

Samson Joseph is South Sudanese born and fled his country to Egypt due the crisis in the Sudan. From Egypt, he moved to Australia in 2004 to pursue further studies and better life.

Samson’s love for interior designs, architecture and beautiful houses led to establishing his business: A + Fashion. 

This year’s African Fashion show was huge; it featured four different designers showcasing their dresses, three dance groups and four music performances.

Fashion designer Sarah Jackson, also from South Sudan, moved to Australia in 2005 to pursue further education and focus on design. 

Sarah says she is studying fashion design at MSIT College and hopes to get her company label more recognized in the near future.

And Gracy Orla Ticout moved to Australia from France in 2010 to study Hospitality Management.

She created her fashion line, ‘Orla Dee’ to present African design and to see the African princes to blossom in the African community and mainstream Australian society. She also works in one of Brisbane's best restaurants.

LINK: A+ Fashion [Facebook]

Orla Dee


Community radio has been going on in Australia since the 1970s but it’s relatively new in the UK. Ethnic radio stations like 4EB have launched in the UK too. Wing Lau was hosting Chinese language radio programs on EAVA FM the UK and has recently come to Brisbane. She talks about coming here from Hong Kong via the UK and all about her radio program.


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